I am a technology writer with a PhD from the University of Utah, where I studied videogames.  I also work for ASPIRE, the outreach program for the Utah High Energy Astrophysics Institute, as a programmer and game developer.  I’ve designed and taught courses in videogame studies, as well as in other topics at the intersection of digital technology and the humanities.  In addition to videogames, I have a keen interest in board games, old Space Legos, and fine cheeses.  I also play the Tuba.

I am also the co-editor of Play the Past, where some of my more historically-oriented writing can be found.

I strongly believe that academics should be involved in the fields they study, hence my deep interest not only in videogames, but also in videogame development.  In addition to creating a number of small solo projects over the years, I have worked as a member of a team on larger projects, including a Global Game Jam entry, an ill-fated Xbox Live game, and an award winning Machinima production.

Contact Information

Email: Peter.Christiansen@utah.edu
ORCID: 0000-0002-5430-6625
ResearcherID: F-4001-2015