Worlds of Bookcraft

As I mentioned last week, I ended up with pages worth of notes after this year’s Frontiers of New Media symposium and a number of ideas that have been floating around in my head ever since.  I decided to start by talking about my impressions of the presentation that was closest to my own research, […]

Postcolonialism in Space

It seems that I’ve been doing a lot of reading on postcolonialism lately, so not surprisingly, I’ve been thinking a lot about how issues of colonialism are portrayed in videogames.  Of course, the first title to come to mind in any discussion of videogames and colonialism is Sid Meier’s controversial game Colonization, which places the […]

Freight Trains and Monkey-Controlled Robots

Those of you who follow me on Twitter probably noticed an uncharacteristically large burst of semi-coherent tweets over the weekend. This was due to my attendance at the Frontiers of New Media symposium last Friday and Saturday. The symposium is a biennial event organized by the departments of Communication and History at the University of […]

Thanatogaming: Life in Minecraft and Death in the Nether

The first day in Minecraft can be rough for a lot of people.  You find yourself alone, with no objectives, no goals and no instructions.  Just an endless, open world for you to try to make sense of.  Of course, if you don’t make sense of it by nightfall, you’ll find yourself swarmed by zombies […]