Learning with Toys

Working as a programmer for a physics outreach program, my job often involves doing non-programming things.  Today, I am sitting at the top of the stadium, surrounded by plastic tubes, ball bearings and magnets.  Today is the regional science fair, and we were recruited to bring a bunch of our physics demos to the party.  […]

Reading Games and Playing Books

Though most of my academic work with videogames centers around rhetoric, discourse and technological development, that wasn’t what initially brought me to graduate school. My scholarly interest with games was first piqued by the way videogames develop narrative structure. As I mentioned in a previous post, this has been a somewhat contentious topic in the […]

Poor Unfinished Games

Since I didn’t make it to GDC this year, I haven’t heard about any amazing presentations that were given.  There was a fair amount of buzz on Twitter about some of the really bad presentations, but it seems that people must have actually been paying attention during the good presentations and didn’t have time to […]

Best Game Ever

As part of my job doing outreach for the physics department, I often accompany my boss to help her with science demos for kids. One of her favorite things to do while introducing me is mention that I study videogames at the university. Most of the time, this elicits a fair number of “oohs” and […]