I Miss the Old Duke Nukem…

As the Internet is well aware, Duke Nukem Forever was finally released one week ago after fourteen years of troubled development.  In less than a year, the game has gone from long-time Internet joke to over-the-top hype machine to unmitigated disaster.  The game, which was saved from limbo last September by Gearbox Studios has managed […]

Old Weird Games: Fester’s Quest

You can really do a lot with game design. Designers can create worlds of deep richness, complex and dynamic stories, and innovative ways of interacting with the game world. More often than not, though, development studios opt to simply take an idea that’s been done, make some small chances and throw a lot of money […]

Making Losing Fun

This weekend, I won a game of Monopoly against my wife and her sister.  For me, this was somewhat significant, as it may be the first time I’ve ever won a full game of Monopoly…ever.  Of course, that’s partially because getting through a full game usually takes much more time than I have to play […]

Procedural History

I’ve always found history fascinating.  It ranks among my nerdy interests somewhere above heraldry and below cartography (I was obsessed with maps as a child).  How could you possibly improve upon my love of history?  How about throwing in a dose of, oh, I don’t know…games?  Not surprisingly, then, I think Play the Past is […]

Computer Game Studies, Year Ten

The year 2011 marks ten years since the first issue of Game Studies, when Espen Aarseth officially christened the field.  Of course, many scholarly works on videogames had already written, including Janet Murray’s influential book Hamlet on the Holodeck.  Nevertheless, 2001 was an important year for videogame studies.  A peer-reviewed journal dedicated to electronic games, […]