Game in…18 Hours?

Last weekend was a busy one for anyone involved in the local Utah videogame scene.  Two of the biggest technology events of the year, the PushButton Summit and the Gaming and Electronics Expo (GEEX) both took place last week.  Unfortunately, they took place at pretty much the same time.  Even though I’ve been looking forward […]

Freight Trains and Monkey-Controlled Robots

Those of you who follow me on Twitter probably noticed an uncharacteristically large burst of semi-coherent tweets over the weekend. This was due to my attendance at the Frontiers of New Media symposium last Friday and Saturday. The symposium is a biennial event organized by the departments of Communication and History at the University of […]

Winnipeg Envy

This week is the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, which I, sadly, am not attending.  An unfortunate side effect of being a poor grad student is the fact that I have to pick and choose which conferences I’ll be attending.  While a week long trip to San Francisco certainly sounded appealing, I decided that […]