Winnipeg Envy

This week is the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, which I, sadly, am not attending.  An unfortunate side effect of being a poor grad student is the fact that I have to pick and choose which conferences I’ll be attending.  While a week long trip to San Francisco certainly sounded appealing, I decided that […]

Money Making Game

I got a survey about game development in my inbox today.  The questions were mainly focused on economics and employment, but they made me think.  Of course, as an academic, my research deals primarily with the videogame industry, so I think about it all the time.  This survey, however, wasn’t asking the academic me, but […]

Attack of the Clones

About three weeks ago, Capcom released a game called MaXplosion for the iPhone. In the game, the protagonist runs about a science lab, blowing himself up as a means of locomotion. Sounds inventive, right? It would, if it weren’t for the fact that there was already a game featuring a protagonist that runs about a […]