What Time is it?

Adventure Time!  Or at least it was.  Two weeks ago, Fantastic Arcade and Juegos Rancheros teamed up with Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward to create the first ever Adventure Time Game Jam.  Although the 48-hour event took place in Austin, Texas, the organizers took the jam online to include developers all over the world.  I […]

Cyberwar, Digital Piracy, and What the Pentagon Could Learn From Indie Games

As most denizens of the Internet are well aware, one of the fiercest and most public battles over Internet freedom in the United States was fought at the beginning of the year.  I am, of course, referring to the fight over the Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA and its Senate counterpart, PIPA.  Both bills […]

Game in…18 Hours?

Last weekend was a busy one for anyone involved in the local Utah videogame scene.  Two of the biggest technology events of the year, the PushButton Summit and the Gaming and Electronics Expo (GEEX) both took place last week.  Unfortunately, they took place at pretty much the same time.  Even though I’ve been looking forward […]

A Humble Surprise

In my opinion, one of the most significant things to happen in the world of videogames in the last few years is the Humble Indie Bundle.  Beginning as somewhat of an experiment by the guys at Wolfire, the Humble Bundle challenged established industry assumptions about money, DRMs and corporate control.  Using a “Pay What You […]

Poor Unfinished Games

Since I didn’t make it to GDC this year, I haven’t heard about any amazing presentations that were given.  There was a fair amount of buzz on Twitter about some of the really bad presentations, but it seems that people must have actually been paying attention during the good presentations and didn’t have time to […]