Virtual Biopower: The Case for Thanatogaming

Academic conferences are always slightly surreal experiences for me.  I’m currently in Monterey, getting to present some of my work to my colleagues in the videogame research community.  Many of them I’ve met before, though often these meetings are purely through online interactions.  As such, going to a conference in a new location and seeing […]

Learning with Toys

Working as a programmer for a physics outreach program, my job often involves doing non-programming things.  Today, I am sitting at the top of the stadium, surrounded by plastic tubes, ball bearings and magnets.  Today is the regional science fair, and we were recruited to bring a bunch of our physics demos to the party.  […]

Procedural History

I’ve always found history fascinating.  It ranks among my nerdy interests somewhere above heraldry and below cartography (I was obsessed with maps as a child).  How could you possibly improve upon my love of history?  How about throwing in a dose of, oh, I don’t know…games?  Not surprisingly, then, I think Play the Past is […]