Old Weird Games: Captain Blood

Many early videogames were inspired by technological innovations.  Advances in natural language processing led Will Crowther to create Colossal Cave Adventure1 and John Carmack’s smooth-scrolling PC engine would inspire the future developers of Id Software to create the side-scrolling Commander Keen series2.  Such connections are probably unsurprising to most people, as both games seem like […]

Old Weird Games: Princess Maker 2

Last week at GDC, Leigh Alexander announced the reboot of Offworld, the videogame offshoot of Boing Boing.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that one of the site’s first articles was on Princess Maker 2, an obscure game most people (including most developers I know) have never heard of.  This hardly surprising, because while the […]

Old Weird Games: Fester’s Quest

You can really do a lot with game design. Designers can create worlds of deep richness, complex and dynamic stories, and innovative ways of interacting with the game world. More often than not, though, development studios opt to simply take an idea that’s been done, make some small chances and throw a lot of money […]