Time, Space and Narrative

Generally, we tend to think about things like narrative, history and storytelling in terms of time.  Many forms of media favor this kind of temporal logic.  When we watch a movie, we sit down and watch as the story unfolds before us in real-time.  This is not to say that filmmakers are locked into a […]

Worlds of Bookcraft

As I mentioned last week, I ended up with pages worth of notes after this year’s Frontiers of New Media symposium and a number of ideas that have been floating around in my head ever since.  I decided to start by talking about my impressions of the presentation that was closest to my own research, […]

Old Weird Games: Fester’s Quest

You can really do a lot with game design. Designers can create worlds of deep richness, complex and dynamic stories, and innovative ways of interacting with the game world. More often than not, though, development studios opt to simply take an idea that’s been done, make some small chances and throw a lot of money […]

Poor Unfinished Games

Since I didn’t make it to GDC this year, I haven’t heard about any amazing presentations that were given.  There was a fair amount of buzz on Twitter about some of the really bad presentations, but it seems that people must have actually been paying attention during the good presentations and didn’t have time to […]

Best Game Ever

As part of my job doing outreach for the physics department, I often accompany my boss to help her with science demos for kids. One of her favorite things to do while introducing me is mention that I study videogames at the university. Most of the time, this elicits a fair number of “oohs” and […]