No Whales: Toward Sustainable Mobile Economics

  Last week, during Nintendo’s Financial Results Briefing, company president Satoru Iwata was asked about how Nintendo planned to monetize their upcoming ventures into mobile games, specifically if they were planning on analyzing existing games as they designed their own.  Iwata acknowledged that the most successful and common strategy in the Japanese mobile market (which […]

Game Mods: Labor and Value

Last week, Valve made the shocking (though not altogether unanticipated) move toward allowing modders to sell mods through Steam Workshop.  This experiment lasted less than a week before it was abandoned in the face of widespread criticism and general discontent among Steam users.  I don’t feel the need to attempt a complete history of the […]

Not a Game

Over the last few months, an increasing number of people have started to ask my opinion (or let me know all about theirs) regarding the boundaries of videogames as a medium.  More often than not, this means affirming someone’s statement that “X is not a game.”  Indeed, there seems to be a recent push to […]

Game Design vs Whaling

Earlier this week, Mike Rose posted an excellent article on Gamasutra about the ethics of free-to-play game design. Despite similarities in name, free-to-play games are not the same as freeware games. While the latter are games that are actually given away by their developers, free of charge, free-to-play games entail a business model in which […]

I Miss the Old Duke Nukem…

As the Internet is well aware, Duke Nukem Forever was finally released one week ago after fourteen years of troubled development.  In less than a year, the game has gone from long-time Internet joke to over-the-top hype machine to unmitigated disaster.  The game, which was saved from limbo last September by Gearbox Studios has managed […]